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Uniting the biomarker ecosystem

Our business is built through partnerships, connecting the different players in the neurodegenerative biomarker field. We drive collaborations that can drastically improve diagnostics and the search for new treatments and truly changing the life of patients:

  • A close and personal relationship with our extensive academic network ensures access to the latest innovations
  • We apply these biomarkers and antibodies to help pharmaceutical companies in their drug development and clinical research
  • Together with our IVD partners, we implement the developed tests into easy-to-use kits for automated platforms for use in clinical trials and clinical practice
Meet our management team
Meet the full ADx team

Consistent quality

ADx is built on a solid foundation that ensures consistent performance. The following aspects allow us to excel:

  • We are located in Ghent, Belgium, part of one of Europe‚Äôs greatest life sciences hubs. This provides access to valuable research collaborations and a pool of talented scientists.
  • We are involved in industry consortia, interacting with patient groups, and driving standardization and regulation in the neuro field.
  • We are a Certified Biobank, treating patient samples with the highest regard for ethical standards.
  • Our milestone-based project management approach guarantees clear resource allocation, on-time delivery and multiple go/no-go decision points.
  • Our assays are developed in accordance with state-of-the-art industry guidance ensuring their reliability and robustness.
  • We are working towards ISO certification of our antibody production processes documenting our consistent quality.